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Polleo Systems

Polleo Systems is a cloud hosting company that offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions to IT managed service providers. They have many resellers, but it was becoming too costly to dedicated so human capital to managing all aspects of their reseller program. Our solution was to help Polleo automate as much they could about the program, without eliminating the human element of Polleo’s hallmark customer service.

This app does three things: help and encourage the reseller to estimate new cloud resources, provide vitals and statistics on current cloud resources and help the reseller manage their bill and payments.

This app presented several challenges to overcome, the top three were: making the complex process of estimating cloud services easy and delightful and understanding, presenting the most important metrics to user at the right time, create a system and experience that was not only helpful to the technically inclined IT professional, but also their less tech-literate sales people that would be doing the estimating.